Tele style DIY kit Part 1

Part one of my Tele style DIY kit

This kit a bought from with the following specs:

  • Body: Ash
  • Neck and Fretboard: Maple
  • Hardware: Chrome


First I decided to make an arm cut for more comfort. So I put the body on my angle table an started to shape. With a rasp I create a small surface to start from. After Thad I took the planer and planed the angled surface down to where I needed.


For the belly cut I took my round spoke shape an pre cut the shape. With a small stick an some adhesive sandpaper I smoothen the surface and rounded over the edge:


Again with the rounded spoke shape I waned to try something new.  I angled the cut for the leg, so it is easier to hold the neck away from the chest.


The first part of the build on YouTube:

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