New Controllerbox And JMC Servos For My CNC

Testing the components

Before building the hole thing, I decided to do a little test setup to see if it would work like I think.

Main components

Two supplies with 24V and 34V for the controller and the servo.

The Novusun NVEM V2.

The JMC iHSV57 servo.

The schema for the hole wiring I drew on DigiKey Scheme-It.

Test wiring

A little video of the test wiring.

My New Neuberger RP270 Tube Tester From Germany

Got me a new tube tester made by Neuberger. The device is made in Germany in 1956.


The device can be configured by hole cards thad are made vor specific tube types. The holes in the cards shows positions vor the configuration pins thad route the appropriate voltages to the dedicated tube pins vor the chosen test on the switch.  With the buttons on the left side of the configuration panel, the connection to the tube pins can be interrupted. This helps to find witch component is shorted in the tube. The device can perform a filament test, cathode, grid 1 to 4 and anode shortage test and also a emission measurement test.  

Demo Video

A little demo video using the Neuberger RP270 tube tester.

Tele Style DIY Kit Part 2

The part two of my Tele style DIY kit

To give the headstock a shape, I’ve printed out many examples, but none of them were satisfying for me. So I draw my self a template on a peace of paper. First I transferred the tuner holes to the paper. To get true radius shapes I searched my shop for all round object I can find. With this helpers it was easy to create a unique shape that suits my style.02_headstock_template

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